How to Make Priscilla Curtains

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    Prepare the Fabric

    • 1). Hang the rod over the window you wish to cover.

    • 2). Measure the length of the rod. Multiply this length by 2. This is the width of one curtain panel fabric. You will need two panels per window.

    • 3). Measure the distance from the rod to the floor. This is the length of your fabric.

    • 4). Use the one curtain panel fabric measurement and add 8 inches. This is the width of fabric you need for your valance.

    • 5). Cut the curtain fabric to the specified measurements.

    Make the Curtains

    • 1). Stitch a 1/4-inch hem all the way around the fabric panel.

    • 2). Turn the top edge of the fabric panel over about 2 1/2 inches so the wrong sides are touching. Pin. This forms the rod casing (also called a pocket).

    • 3). Repeat for additional panels.

    Make the Valance

    • 1). Cut your valance fabric to the width of your valance fabric measurement. You may need to sew fabric together to get a piece wide enough for the valance.

    • 2). Stitch a 1/4-inch hem around the entire valance fabric. Turn the bottom of the valance under another inch and stitch.

    • 3). Fold the top edge of the valance back 5 inches. Pin. Stitch a seam down this line. This is your top hem seam.

    • 4). Measure 2 inches above the top hem seam. Stitch a seam at this measurement. This is your valance rod casing. The fabric above this line will create your ruffle header.

    Make Tiebacks

    • 1). Cut two pieces of fabric 5 inches wide and 12 inches long. Stitch a 1/4-inch hem on all sides of the tieback fabric. Press. Place the two pieces of tieback fabric on top of each other with the right sides facing up.

    • 2). Place a row of pins down the length of the tieback fabric at the center of the width.

    • 3). Mark a line at 1/4 inch on each side of the center line. These are your outside lines. Stitch the two outside lines through both layers to make a channel.

    • 4). Insert elastic through the channel. Adjust the gathers so they lay uniformly. Turn the end of the elastic (about 1/2 inch) to the back of the tieback at each end and secure with a machine stitch.

    • 5). Repeat for additional tiebacks. There should be one tieback for each panel.

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