Electronic Monopoly - A Great Family Christmas Gift

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The Christmas Season always bursts on the scene far quicker than expected so it is never too early to begin thinking about great Christmas gifts.
In this article, I will point out one Family Christmas Gift that you should consider: Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition.
We spend so much time and money on Christmas and, often, we forget that, at its core, Christmas is a time meant to be shared with family.
Ironically, gifts for the family are often something that we overlook.
We become obsessed with getting each individual the perfect gift but forget to get great gifts for our family as a whole.
This is why I love to find perfect games that the whole family can play, games which bring the family together which is what Christmas is all about.
Today, I am going to tell you about a twist on the original: Monopoly.
Many of us have played Monopoly over the years.
In fact, most of us probably have the game of Monopoly piled away in the closet somewhere collecting dust.
One reason that Monopoly has lost favor over time is that it takes a whole lot of time to play.
The players have to spend an inordinate amount of time counting and recounting the money.
Too often (most of the time actually), the game of Monopoly is never actually completed because it takes so long to play.
All of this changes with the Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition.
There is no longer any money changing hands and it is all counted electronically! Like in the real world, money in the new Monopoly is taking the electronic form with all transactions taking place with the new banking card system.
While Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition has been electronically revolutionized, it still brings the same classic features that it has always had.
Just like the classic, players continue to try to get filthy rich while staying out of jail.
Of course the best part of classic Monopoly is that it meets the coveted category of Edutainment for the kids.
They both learn and enjoy themselves.
Monopoly teaches responsible money management for kids and adults alike.
Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition certainly ranks near the top in the category of great Christmas Games.
You may also want to consider the Trivial Pursuit Family Edition as it also has some of the great characteristics of Monopoly.
And, of course, you should document all of this family Christmas entertainment with the Flip Video Camcorder which allows you to discreetly film all of your Holiday Fun.
This Christmas make sure you remember to get great Family Gifts.
And, one of the best gifts for family fun times is the all new Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition.
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