Why You Have Not Made a Dime Online

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Many people have different views about making money online.
But the truth of it is that people do make money online.
Some people make as much as millions of dollars online.
Unfortunately, the majority of people searching for ways to make money online are not making anything.
Instead, they are losing money.
This is a mystery to most online newbie searching for ways to earn a living online.
There are many reasons why you have not made a dime online.
Some of the reasons are: 1) Laziness: This is the main problem normally faced by most newbie.
They want to make big money online without putting in the hard work required.
There is no way that can be possible.
It is either you put in the required hard work and make your money or you keep counting other person's money.
Both offline and online business require hard work and patient before you start seeing results.
Everybody wants fast money but money cannot just come without putting in the required labour.
If you know that you cannot sacrifice your time to doing all the necessary task involve in the business, you can outsource to some other people.
There are many people you can outsource your business to but you should be ready to spend a large amount of money.
That is the truth.
But if you do not have enough money you can use to outsource, you have no choice than to take it up yourself.
You must not be lazy if you actually want to succeed in your online business.
2) Quick Cash Syndrome: This is the mentally of most people sourcing for income online.
They are made to believe that if they can point and click, then they can make money online.
Unfortunately, that is not the case.
There are more to it than mere pointing and clicking.
You have to go for the training of the online business you intend doing.
After that, you must put what you have learnt to action.
If the information you have gotten was not put to action, you will not see any result.
You will remain in the same position as the year passes by.
Also, you must erase the issue of quick cash from your mind.
If you do not, you will lose your money more than necessary.
I believe that is not what you want.
Most online scammers have taken the advantage of how desperate people are to scam them of their cool earned money.
Internet business is not a sky-rocket; you must follow the normal routine if you must make money online.
3) Procrastination: From the normal saying that "procrastination is a thief of time".
This is also applicable to online businesses.
You must do the right thing at the right time if you want to make money online.
You must not postpone what you should have done today till tomorrow.
When you procrastinate, you will not achieve anything online.
You will continue wasting you time while some people are making their money.
You have to be an action taker and not only an information consumer.
If what you like doing is to continue consuming information, you will be disturbed with information overload.
This will not allow you to remain focus.
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