How Much Can You Earn With Surveys That Pay?

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Surveys that pay are generally well paid if you work hard enough and also spend some decent amount of time completing them each day.
It is pretty simple to understand that in this case, working harder and for more time each day provides with a better pay check at the end of the week, or month.
In fact, I can say that I am trying it right now just to see how it works, and it does work.
I spend 2 or three hours each day completing surveys and I earn around 15-20 dollars in this time.
It is a pretty decent amount of money that I am adding to my budget each month.
But it is really worth the extra time you are spending? I can tell you that, on average, I work around 12 hours each day, and 4 to 6 hours in the weekends.
This means that I barely have time to sleep, take a shower and eat every day, but when I get my pay check I really feel that it was all worth it.
When I do get a break I will have enough money saved for a decent vacation.
And during the time that I am working hard I am able to help my mom and my little brother.
Oh, and I can afford good, healthy food and a decent way of life.
So, as far as I am concerned it is worth the effort.
But what about in general? So, as I mentioned in some other articles, surveys that pay are worth anywhere from 20 cents to 10 or 15 dollars, depending on the company that orders them.
It takes somewhere around 20 minutes to complete a survey correctly and that means that you can complete 20 to 25 of them in an 8 hour day.
20 times, let's say, 2 dollars on average is 40 dollars per day.
Now, if that is more than you make right now.
I can't tell you if it will be worth it for you.
Maybe you have a wife and a baby to take care of and a steady income is more important than a higher one that might not come this week.
You should be the judge and I assume that you can be smart enough to take the road that best suits your needs.
Just remember, surveys that pay can always be an option.
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