Using SEO to Generate 1,000s of Buying Visitors

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In the Internet marketing world I see so many people wasting valuable money on PPC campaigns when it is so much easier and cost effective to use simple SEO and get those clicks for free.
SEO is not by design extremely difficult, but the problem is everyone has there own view on what works with SEO and what doesn't.
If you spend any amount of time on marketing forums then you know exactly what I mean.
There are a thousand people telling you to do one thing and another thousand telling you the exact opposite.
What do these two groups have in common? They have absolutely no experience.
Unless you've personally had experience with SEO then you wouldn't even realize that most of what you'll learn on forums is completely and utterly a waste of time, or worse yet, WRONG! From my own experience and success, SEO comes down to following a few basic principles.
The first principle is using the KISS methodology, which means keep it simple stupid.
On forums people tell you to write an article, then bookmark it, then ping it, then write it a poem, and whisper sweet nothings to it.
I'm here to tell you that this methodology is only going to waste your time.
The simpler you keep your SEO practices the better you'll be off, and the less time you'll have wasted on tactics that give you little to no link juice.
The second principle is to use the 80/20 methodology.
This means only going after the links that really give you juice.
1000 PR1 links from articles could equal one PR6 link from an authority site.
Instead of wasting time going after little links with no value the best thing you can do is go after the meatiest of links that will give you real value.
This will help your site gain authority and traffic 10 times faster than any other method and you'll be saving a lot of your time.
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