Police Dog Training: Training For Public Service

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Canines are easily trained to enable them to serve the public as police dogs.
Police dog training is simple to achieve and can allow canines to be used for protection of people and places.
As canines have a heightened ability to scent things, they can be taught to sniff out illegal drug activity or to be instrumental in working with search-and-rescue operations to aid in pursuing at-large criminals or even in contributing to disaster relief.
This training first centers on teaching dog-obedience lessons.
This training gets them used to obeying vocal commands.
This type of training also introduces them to working closely with humans.
The dogs are offered experience with many different kinds of conditions in preparation forgetting familiar with different sounds and to teach them to not respond to unexpected distractions.
Canines are chosen for their willingness to learn new things as they try to fit in as police animals.
If they prove to be too trusting and congenial, they do not match the attributes required to function alongside a officer.
Following the same criteria, if they are found to be overly aggressive, they will not be police dogs.
In the obedience training section, they are taught to respond correctly and quickly to different commands, and also are trained to curb their aggressive behavior.
Teaching to follow commands and control its actions to respond to the needs of the officer is also part of training.
A useful and loyal companion is reared to go along with and help the officer as they bravely follow the requirements of law enforcement.
An important learned behavior of police dogs is to employ their acute sense of smell by allowing the animal to help officers in finding lost, hurt or missing persons or illegal substances.
Through enabling the animals to follow scents, they can be depended upon to locate people or items and to make officers aware of the findings.
In certain situations, when an animal has shown the presence of illegal substances, that showing by itself can allow the officer to obtain a search warrant and begin drug enforcement actions.
Police canines can also be educated to help find the presence of bombs or criminal activity.
Many live bombs and at-large criminals have been fished out after a well-trained police dog has been put on the case! As police dogs are taught how to assist the officers, the canines learn to follow commands in the original language of the country where they began working with humans.
The officer working with the dog is taught to speak commands in the canines original wording, as the officer will only need to learn a smattering of new words, and it has been seen that the human can master new words more simply than the dogs!
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