Defend Your Home With Mortgage Protection Insurance

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They say that an Englishman's home is his castle but in some cases through no fault of your own you could lose everything you have built up around you. If you were to find yourself out of work due to becoming unemployed or after suffering an illness or accident that would keep you from earning a living, you could struggle to pay your mortgage. If you cannot pay your mortgage then you would be at risk of having your lender seek repossession. If you want to safeguard your castle then you need to consider taking out mortgage protection insurance.

Mortgage protection insurance would provide you with the sum you insured against when taking out the policy. You are able to insurance up to a certain amount of your monthly mortgage repayment each month, the exact amount can be found in the terms and conditions of the cover. It is essential to read the small print as you are able to find when the policy would begin to provide an income and for how long it would pay. The terms differ greatly so you have to compare this along with the cost. There are some providers that would allow you to claim on your mortgage payment protection after just 30 days of being unemployed or incapacitated. However some ask that you wait to put in claim until the 90th day. A policy can run with some providers for 12 months, with others you might get 24 monthly payouts.

When taking out mortgage payment protection you can also tailor the policy for your circumstances. For example you might not need to cover against accident, sickness and unemployment together. If you wish to take out cover to insure against unemployment only you are able to do so. If you just want to safeguard against the possibility that you might fall ill or suffer an accident you can take cover for this also.

Mortgage payment protection has in the past suffered from problems along with the rest of the payment protection policies. Problems started for the sector in 2005 when the Office of Fair Trading received a complaint that consumers were getting a poor deal. Following this an investigation began into the sector which resulted in several fines being handed out to well know high street names. The majority of problems lie with high street lenders failing to hand out adequate information at the time of selling cover. Another major problem with taking a policy out alongside the mortgage is the huge cost that is added onto the loan.

High street lenders bring in around 4 billion each year by selling payment protection which includes mortgage protection insurance. By choosing to take out your policy independently with standalone specialist providers you are able to get a cheaper quote that is age based. The premium would also depend on your age when taking out the cover and the level of protection you wished to take out. Covering your mortgage is essential as you never know what might be around the corner. However it does not have to cost a fortune.
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