Reversed Strength Tarot Card - Find Out What This Reversed Major Arcana Card Means

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Sometimes, a Tarot card can be revealed upside down or reversed in a Tarot reading.
This way, it has a different meaning from a card revealed the right way up.
The reversed Strength Tarot card usually reflects the following keywords and key elements: dread, exhaustion, fear, helplessness, illness, lack of courage, negativity, powerlessness, and weakness.
The reversed Strength Tarot card can often show a lack of strength and power to control ones own life.
It shows both physical and mental weakness and can indicate illness.
This illness can be physically draining, emotionally challenging and mentally exhausting.
When this reversed card appears it can also indicate financial problems and a lack of resources.
The anxiety and stress relating to worrying over money can also be a contributing factor to any illness.
In questions about love relationships the reversed Strength Tarot card points to reaching the end of one's tether.
It can show unfaithfulness, disrespect and a loss of trust.
When this reversed card appears in a Tarot Reading it can also indicate unhappiness, lack of fulfillment and lack of reward in a career.
If this reversed Tarot card is prominent in a Tarot Spread it can show that you may be experiencing negative feelings.
You seem to have lost confidence in your ability to achieve anything and are not getting the results for your efforts.
Emotionally you are feeling things are dull and lacking excitement, which in turn drains you and makes you feel exhausted.
This card can also mean you are finding it difficult to overcome an illness or a traumatic experience.
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