Chris McNeeney"s Day Job Killer - Review

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The hype that preceded the launch of Day Job Killer was tremendous.
In less than twenty-four hours, Day Job Killer sold more copies than Affiliate Project X (Chris McNeeney's previous release) sold in its entire first week.
Here is an honest review of Day Job Killer.
Many people are running out to buy Day Job Killer with dollar signs in their eyes.
The product's sales page and all of the hype promises how easy it is to make hundreds of dollars per day.
While that may be true, it's not as easy as it sounds.
For most people, the biggest obstacle is funding the advertising required to generate the sales.
Not only must you pay for advertising, but you must pay for it 30 to 60 days in advance of being paid for the sales you generate.
Those costs add up quickly and will keep many people from succeeding with the internet marketing strategies promoted in Day Job Killer.
The other main reason that people will fail to succeed with Day Job Killer is that people are looking for "easy money".
While the strategies that Chris advocates -- and explains in clear detail -- are simple, it takes a significant amount of research and action.
Most people who buy books such as Day Job Killer expect to be handed profits in return.
But that's not how it works.
It takes time, hard work, and probably the investment of more money (above and beyond the purchase price).
Here's a summary of my review of Day Job Killer: Chris McNeeney has produced another solid book.
It is full of good, well thought out and clearly explained strategies.
But people who buy the book will have to be prepared to make a significant investment of their time, effort, and money in order to profit from the strategies Chris describes.
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