What is Benzo Fury and How You Can Get It

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Today, we live in a world that is constantly changed by science and technology. Scientific and technological advances are evident around us. There are new discoveries and developments in science and technology every day. For one thing, research chemicals are being studied and further developed. One of these chemicals is Benzo Fury or also known as 6-APB. What is Benzo Fury, anyway?

Benzo Fury or 6-APB is one of the research chemicals that were engineered and studied by David E Nichols and his team in the 90s. They were investigating analogues of MDMA that were non-neurotoxic. And what is this MDMA? MDMA is better known as ecstasy and is a drug of the phenethylamine and amphetamine classes of drugs that are stimulants, entactogens, and hallucinogens. They can induce euphoria, a sense of intimacy with others, and diminished anxiety and expression. 6-APB is also believed to have similar effects and is popularly known as a stimulant. Studies conducted on lab rats show that it has very similar effects to MMDA.

Actually, it is not that easy to find this chemical in the market. There are many sites and people who claim that they are selling Benzo, but they are probably getting rid of their old stock of substances that have now been banned. 6-APB's main manufacturer is introducing it into the market in the form of 100mg pills just like the type of pills used for paracetamol. Each pill contains 100mg guaranteed active 6-APB ingredient and course maize starch and magnesium stearate which is needed in stabilizing the pill the same as in common painkillers. So why is Benzo introduced to the market in the form of pills? It is due to the fact of the high potency of the chemical itself. There is a high risk of overdose it is sold in powder. The 100mg pill is enough to last one person a whole night. Also, each pill costs ?8 and equates to ?80 per gram of pure powder. 6-APB is a very expensive chemical, indeed.

In relation to the law, 6-APB is unscheduled in the United States and Canada. Placing a drug under a schedule means that it is a controlled substance for there is a potential for abuse. In other countries, however, 6-APB is classifies under the controlled substances. Some of these countries include Australia and New Zealand. In other words, 6-APB is a not illegal, but there is a possibility that it can be abused, which is why it is sold in 100mg pills.
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