Pitbull Myths - What You Need To Know About Breed Bans, Aggression Research, Training, And More

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Driving down the road listening to the radio, I felt like ripping out my hair.
The radio show host was agreeing with a caller that there should be a pitbull breed ban.
I get so sick of hearing this I almost called the show.
I didn't though because I knew that I would have been kicked off the air.
Anyway, what most people don't know is that pitbulls should not get the bad rap that they do.
New Yorker magazine writer, Malcolm Gladwell, has written about research showing that pit bull-ish dogs don't deserve their reputation.
Gladwell found a study from a research group in Georgia that has so far tested more than 25,000, measuring stability, shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness in interaction with people.
Gladwell writes, "Eighty-four percent of the pit bulls that have been given the test have passed, which ranks pit bulls ahead of beagles, Airedales, bearded collies, and all but one variety of dachshund.
" The problem, as with most dog problems, doesn't lie with the breed but with the owners of pitbulls.
A lot of pitbull owners get that breed because of the tough persona associated with the breed.
It really is too bad because pitbulls are a wonderful breed.
Pitulls like any other breed can be trained by following some simple steps: 1.
Good management skills 2.
Exercise 3.
Leadership 4.
Positive training The first step in training a pitbull is developing good management skills.
Management of behavior is important and is done by using different management tools.
Crates, leashes, baby gates and other restraints are all management tools.
A crate can be used when you are not right there watching your pitbull.
A baby gate can be used to keep your dog in the room with you.
Leashes can be used in the house.
With the leash on, you can use it to control your pitbull's behavior.
Good management skills help you train in the early stages.
As your pitbull gets older and more mature, you won't have to manage as much.
Exercise is extremely important for pitbulls.
They are high-energy dogs.
Aerobic exercise is important.
Pitbulls are terriers.
Terriers as a breed are very hardy, headstrong dogs.
As an owner you need to establish leadership.
The better you are at establishing leadership, the easier it will be to train your dog.
Leadership should be done through positive methods.
Harsh, physical methods are not a good way to establish leadership with pitbulls.
Train using positive methods.
Use a lot of positive reinforcement.
As a breed, they are extremely durable.
If you have a heavy hand when it comes to training, it may backfire if you try it with a pitbull.
Harsh, physical training methods contribute to aggressive behavior.
Learn how to reinforce behavior through positive training methods.
A pitbull can be a wonderful pet.
Start training early, develop a strong bond with your pitbull and be an example for all the people that want to ban the breed.
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