Best Online Lead Generation Methods

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Traffic and leads represent the fuel for every online business.
In the absence of these two elements we can't talk about a business.
Today, there are many lead generation methods that we can apply, free or paid as well.
However, a lot of marketers still have problems with this, because they want to apply more strategies at the same time for better results.
On the contrary, it's a sure way to failure.
The main secret in having more leads online is to have one or two strategies included into a daily plan of action.
By the end of this article I will share with you the most used lead generation methods in every type of business: network marketing, internet marketing or affiliate marketing.
Depending on your preferences and available resources you can choose a paid or free methods.
The paid ones are: -pay per click on the search engines.
-pay per click on the most popular social media sites.
They generate results immediately but if you don't invest anymore, your source of leads is gone forever.
Therefore, it's better to start with a free technique,master it and only after that go for the paid ones.
On the other hand, if you want to build a solid business, establish a personal brand and give real value, the free approach is always the best.
Free lead generation methods 1.
Article Marketing The written word has a lot of power and people are still reading when they come online.
Writing articles(after you perform a keyword research) and submitting them in more authoritative article directories (such as EzineArticles, GoArticles, Squidoo, HubPages, Amazines and so on) is a great way to generate traffic to your blog and tons of leads in your email list.
Once you press the publish button, the article stays online forever, producing massive results in the long run 2.
Video Marketing Videos are also powerful in attracting high targeted leads and branding yourself as an expert in the field.
If you love to sit in the front of a camera and talk this may be a good solution.
Again,we talk about a long term strategy! A video or two posted on YouTube won't solve your problems.
Blogging and syndication Blogs are very popular because of their multiple benefits: it's free to start one, you can build a community of like minded people and attract new prospects in a place called "your online home".
The method consists in writing blog posts, optimising them and syndicating the content to various social media sites.
Social Media Marketing Works very well especially for network marketers.
It offer the possibility to market and build relationships at the same time.
The most popular platforms for that are Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.
Forums and Commenting An easy and engaging way to drive traffic and leads to you.
Pick forums and blogs from your niche and participate by leaving comments.
These are the best lead generation methods that can help you in the long term.
Choose the ones that work well with your personality and apply them.
Consistency is the secret to a successful online business.
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