Styles of Web Site Design

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There are different styles and types of websites.
Web site design is extremely important factor where a website is concerned.
It is the design at first sight which viewers accept or discard.
If there is a lot of traffic on a website, the people are attracted to the well designed site.
A good, clean and simple type of design is best for creating a site.
Web site navigation is an important element for web design.
A good and easy navigation invites the viewer to interact with the site.
Navigations can be set at the side of the page or at the top of the web page.
Navigations are placed according to the designers preferences but they need to be consistence.
One way to keep navigation simple is to put the primary or main navigation at the top of the page and secondary navigation at the left side of the page.
This way more information are available as needed from the main navigation topics.
This setting is an easy one as the user is able to navigate within the site with only two clicks of the mouse.
Some designers use nice classy styles which are easy to read and the information is relayed properly and clearly to the viewers.
The designers use CSS and JavaScript for this.
These are text mark-ups and are easily read by the search engine spiders which rank them higher.
But recently there are huge demand for Flash website design which are made of animations and graphics.
They are eye catching and attractive.
It is a known fact, that picture speak more than the words.
But Flash designs increases the file size and it is not search engine friendly.
Flash websites are good for movie sites, music bands or other entertainment but not for corporate business purpose.
Flash messages send mixed reactions.
Using some Flash elements cleverly on a web page can make a lot of difference in designing the page.
Technically Flash web sites are not as good as the HTML based web sites.
Search engine can not read a Flash site and it is difficult to optimize such a site to have higher ranking.
Programmer and technical person are applying a technique for Flash web sites, called 'Cloaking' to achieve a better ranking in the search engine optimization.
In cloaking, the user can see the flash site with all its elements but search engine can see only the HTML version of the site.
This is a difficult process.
Server scripting language like PHP, ASP and HTAccess helps in cloaking.
Using keywords and concentrating on title tags can help in getting good rank for a Flash web site.
Flash web sites need to be user friendly too like a HTML web site.
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