CBSE Board Examination FAQs

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Que. 1. What are the different sources of learning for the CBSE board examinations?

Ans. Beginning from the markings of boundaries by the syllabus prescribed by the board, NCERT text books, text books published by private publishers based on NCERT text books and CBSE syllabus, sample papers provided by the board on their website, model question papers published by others including those available on the online education sites, e learning free available on social networking sites, difference reference resources like dictionaries, thesaurus, encyclopedias, and other sources. Broadly, you can define them into those prescribed by the board and those published by the private institutions working in these areas since long.

Que. 2. Which are the other resources other than text book and guides for preparing for the Board examinations?

Ans. While end of lesson question from the prescribed text books are important, it is imperative on you part to collect as many question on the topic from various sources available in the form of sample papers, model question papers, past year question papers, and also getting the model papers issued by the board every year.

Que. 3. How can a variety of questions and sample papers help us in the preparation of the CBSE Board examination?

Ans. The more the number of question on a topic the closer you reach the 360-degree preparation on the topic. You can narrow the gap of missing any aspect on the topic.  Moreover, when you answer many questions on the topic you understand the topic better with every added answer. Sample papers also help you to set up mock test and help you in evaluation of your studies.

Que. 4. How useful are online resources for preparing for the CBSE Board examinations?

Ans. Online resources are very useful for preparing for the CBSE board examination. They provide you with unlimited resources in a variety of formats like sample papers, topic based test modules, quizzes, graphic interface sessions for understanding difficult topic, videos, etc.

Que. 5. What is difference between preparing for the maths and other subjects for the CBSE board examination?

Ans. Allocate maximum time for practicing maths, up to 50 per cent of your self-learning time should be engaged in practicing maths. Since maths requires a lot of writing you should practice important problems and proofs latest three times before you appear in the board examination. Do not miss to practice the steps in the problems as every step even if the answer is wrong is given a mark.

Que. 6. What things should I be cautious about while writing the board examination?

Ans. Do not forget to pick all writing material including two sets of pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, a foot scale, and other which may permissible. Check the reverse side of your hall ticket to understand the do's and don'ts. Leave enough margin on both the sides of your paper for the examiners to allocate marks or write comments. Make your handwriting legible. Do not overwrite or rub and cause tearing or wearing on any part of the answer sheet.
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