Betta Tank Setup - The Importance of Proper Aeration

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One of the most important things you can do for your betta fish is to add aeration to your aquarium.
Even if you have a large aquarium with a great filter that was chosen by a professional to provide tons of aeration, it's still a smart idea to add more equipment.
There are plenty of hobbyists that install something called an airstone to connect to their air pump.
What this does is provide a cloud of bubbles that looks great, and will be loved by your betta fish.
Be Careful It's true that an airstone is a great investment; just make sure the aeration in your aquarium isn't overpowering.
You want it to be gentle.
Don't forget; in bettas' original habitat they lived in stagnant waters.
Situate your driftwood, plants and other ornaments in the direct stream of the pump so it can weaken and redirect the flow.
This will protect your betta fish without sacrificing the efficiency of your filtration system.
What About the Air Pump? Another necessary item for your aquarium is an air pump.
You can also find these in your local aquarium store where you bought all of your other tank related items.
The best place for this pump to rest would be right above the tank.
Here it will prevent any water from back flowing if the power ever shut off automatically.
If you go to a commercial fish store, they will try to convince you to buy a dual valve so one end can connect to the airstone, while the other gives off extra pressure upwards into the atmosphere.
Now you have your air pump, but that doesn't mean you still don't need an airstone.
An airstone is a completely separate piece of equipment.
The air pump brings oxygen into the tank, but the airstone increases that air by dispersing it.
You can find a lot of different airstones that are made from many different substances such as wood, ceramic, or even plastic.
It doesn't matter which you choose as long as you remember to change it every two to three months.
Don't Forget The Tubing Last but not least, buy tubing from your aquarium store.
Tubing is usually a bluish-green color and the material is a type of rubber.
The great thing about these tubes is they are very flexible so you can bend them around all of your decorations and rocks inside your tank.
If you have any problems connecting your pump and the tubing, simply hold the tip under some hot water.
This will cause it expand, making the process much easier.
Once the tip of the tube is cooled, it will revert back to its original size.
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