Teachers' Ideas for Teaching About Money

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    Counting Money

    • After learning their coins, children need to learn how to count their money and make sure they get the proper change back. There are several games and activities available for helping children to hone this skill. Superkidz has games available to teach the kids how to make sure they have enough money to pay for a given item, as well as how much change they have coming to them after a purchase.

    Money Flashcards

    • Children can learn to count money by using flashcards that show various money denominations. The child should count up the coins and bills they see and come up with the correct amount of money. These flashcards can be found in stores and similar online games are also available.


    • Baseball can teach about math in general and money in particular in a great variety of ways. You can teach general math by showing how statistics like batting average and earned run average are calculated. You can teach money by assigning the children to write a report about how different forms of math are used. The report should center around the fictional trip to a baseball game (such as to the local pro team, or the most recent World Series winner). The children should obtain a list of the costs of the trip (parking, admission and concessions or memorabilia). They then should decide what they can buy under a certain budget that is set by the teacher.

    Order a Pizza

    • You can teach children how to count their money by giving them a budget and the menu for a local pizza joint. Give the kids a figure representing the amount of money to use to order their pizza. They should be able to find a pizza that comes in under their budget and calculate how much change they have coming back to them.

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