Making a Squeeze Page - Putting a People Magnet on Your Website

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Before that exciting process of discovery and commitment, your prospect must be held in position, eyes glued on the squeeze page and fingers hovering on the mouse button ready to escape should their attention be diverted.
What holds that prospect there? The overall structure of the page, that's what holds them there.
Like a tourist staring at a Picasso or a Rembrandt, the onlooker's fascination must be encapsulated and pampered as long as possible, until they are yours.
The header should balance with the rest of the fa├žade, and whether subtle or flamboyant, the colors should be complimentary, the text explicit, and the content interesting.
Many great templates are available online for free if you care to look around, and an auto responder will supply you with an array of interesting theme related opt-in boxes in various designs.
Auto responders are the companies that save you sitting down at your computer and typing out 500 emails - should you be lucky enough to have 500 customers to send emails to.
They charge a small monthly fee, and they are essential to most online businesses.
The sad news is Google doesn't like squeeze pages, mainly because they are usually only a single page and lack content.
Because of this they are driven, not from the power of search engine optimization, but from the other various forms of traffic creating alternatives.
However, in spite of Google's repulsion of squeeze pages, the one way to get noticed and ranked is to provide for it some back pages - 5 would work.
Give the pages bags of content, and tart the whole thing up like an ordinary website, similar to those subject to organic searches.
Fill the back pages with articles relevant to the general theme of the site, and keep your keywords flowing throughout the pages, bearing in mind the first couple of title words on each page are the most important and should contain the main keyword?
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