UKCAT Test: Follow Effective Study Method For Sure Shot Success

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The syllabus of UKCAT is vast and it would require you to plan and study in a systematic manner. Get into the habit of effective study method to ensure a better preparation. Get rid of all your fears and manage your time to make sure that you have a successful preparatory phase.

Finish your syllabus just one or two months prior to the examination so that you get ample time for revising the entire UKCAT syllabus. Do not neglect the slightest of details so that you know what you should study more. Your weaknesses should properly be taken care of, and at the same time, you should brush up your strengths as well. Make the revision timetable according to your choice and then stick to it. In the end, make a clear sketch in your mind, as to how you will carry on with the preparation.
When you are energetic and refreshed, pick up the most difficult topics and then study them. This would help you largely as you would be able to retain the subjects in your memory. Keep the interesting subjects for later, and finish off the difficult ones before.
Al least two to three weeks before your exam promise yourself that you would devote a certain amount of time to your practice and revision. Follow this plan ruthlessly.
Make sure you have a separate time set for recreational activities in your study timetable, so that you can reduce the frustration and refresh your mind. Take study breaks, when you feel that you are tired and bogged down.
Choose the time, which is best suitable for you to study. You might have other works as well. However, whenever you sit to study, you must not give in to any other distractions.
If you want a proper preparation, then allot time to practice UKCAT question papers so that you become familiar with the test taking techniques. This will also enable you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Improve yourself by practicing regularly.
Set a definite goal for yourself and live up to it. You should have all the UKCAT practice materials with yourself so that you do not face any problem while preparing.
While studying, use highlights and color pens so that when you want you can refer back to that point again.
Get access to the various online UKCAT forums and other helps if you face any problem with any chapter or a subject. The mentors would help you with various exam taking tips and tricks to make the problems easier for you.
While you feel bored or tired, you should select those topics, which attract you, or you are comfortable with.
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