Online Classifieds - The ABCs of Craigslist Deals

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Here are the ABCs of landing a good Craigslist deal.
A - Always compare prices online before buying.
B - Buy only after you see a picture to know if the item is in good condition.
C - Check if the item is worth the cost.
D - Download the Craigslist search tool for better searching.
E - Everybody on Craigslist is looking for a good deal.
F - Free stuffs are not always free.
Think about hidden cost.
G - Get a seller to sell their items for a lesser cost.
H - Happy people are those who know how to avoid scammers.
I - If you do not want to purchase anything, don't bother a seller.
J - Just take care to purchase what you need, not everything.
K - Kids stuffs require additional caution while purchasing.
L - Look at the price tag before calling up a seller.
M - Money is not to be wasted, so don't buy unnecessary stuff.
N - Never waste time driving to far off places for a trinket.
O - Overspending is a sin.
P - Put your own stuffs on Craigslist for sale.
Q - Quit the simple search tool and use the downloadable one.
R - Run away from stalkers and scammers.
S - Start looking for good deals now.
T - Too much online purchasing is addictive.
U - Usable things alone should be purchased online.
V - Vans, cars, and other vehicles need to be test-driven before purchase.
W - Wait and think before making an expensive deal.
X - X-mas and cheap seasonal offers should be made use of.
Y - Your money is important.
Z - Zipper-bags, button-pouches, purses and other accessories are found on Craigslist and online classifieds, across the country!
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