F-250 Rear Rotor Removal

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    • The rear brakes are only accessed by removing the wheel and tire. Lifting the truck at the frame rail with a floor jack will allow the removal of the wheel; setting a support jack stand near the floor jack will give added protection. The lug nuts turn counterclockwise for removal, and the wheel should be set away from the work area for safety. Check the brake assembly for damage or debris.


    • The caliper is mounted to the brake assembly with two rear bolts, and once these bolts are turned counterclockwise the caliper is free to slide off of the rotor. The pads may fall out of the caliper if they are badly worn, and should be gently pried out with a screwdriver for replacement. You should always change the pads when changing the rotor, so that they mate together. Unmatched rotors and pads will not provide optimal stopping power, and could wear the equipment faster. Secure the caliper to the control arm with zip ties, and do not allow it to dangle by the brake lines.


    • The rotor is now accessible, and there may be a spindle nut holding the rotor to the hub on some models. Turning it counterclockwise will release the rotor. Tug the rotor evenly and firmly and it will pull away from the hub. Get the rotor machined for resurfacing, or replace it with a new unit.

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