Face the Fear of Feedback

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Whether it is standing in front of the mirror rehearsing a speech, recording yourself for a presentation or performing in the living room for your family; we all want positive feedback and praise. But what about the feedback we don't want to hear, but often times need to hear.

The bottom line is no one is perfect. But, we all could use a little trimming around the edges. With that said, often times we overlook our own flaws, or choose not to see them. That is where feedback comes in. The key here is to remember there is no such thing as negative feedback. What you will often times hear will be the negative. What you need to learn to do is filter through that negativity to the advice or help that is being offered.

In order to improve ones self it is vital that we see the full 360 degrees and as 3D as most mirrors are, the truth of the matter is; what we see looking back at us is bias. Let go of that fear; train your ears, your mind and your heart to hear the helpful advice and tips that come from feedback. Whether it's standing in your living room rehearsing to a spouse and three children, a professor or potential employer. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. And what is one of our biggest secret fears? Failure.

Failure is the one thing most Americans fear the most. Of course, that makes sense right? We are afraid of feedback because it means failure right? Wrong! Feedback is the threshold to success. When you know how to use it that is.

Feedback is a tool that many people overlook or misjudge. Something that many people need to reevaulate and see the potential that lies with the opportunity. We are not sitting here saying that sitting down and listening to the feedback is going to be easy, and on the other side of this often times giving the feedback is never fun, but the bottom line is: if the opportunity is there, utilize it.

You can choose to be someone whom gives in to their fears, stays where they are in their education, personal life, or profession. Or you can seize the day, practice, rehearse, and ask for feedback from those you love, trust and respect. Once that part is done, use what they have told you. And most importantly, swallow your pride (and yes there will be times that you will need to do this) and thank them. This is NOT easy for them either!

There is a difference between hearing what one tells you and truly listening to the feedback. Here in this instance is it crucial you hear what they are telling you, evaluate it, learn from it and utilize the tool to your advantage. It is a step on the ladder to success.

The bottom line is feedback is not a sign of weakness, a sign of failure or anything negative. It is a true sign of confidence, education, optimism and a characteristic of a person who knows what they want from their life, takes the reigns to get it and will utilize all the tools necessary to do so. It takes strength to face your fears, confidence to overcome challenges and heart to learn from the advice, mistakes and recognition.

Take control of that promotion, job offer or school grant you have been avoiding. Feedback will offer the skill, confidence and charisma you need to advance in your personal and professional goals. Accept the feedback and grow as an individual.

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