Flying Body Board Innovation Design Concept - Personal Flying Craft Concept

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Can we build a flying surfboard? Yes, we probably can, we have the technology, and it may not look exactly like a surfboard, but in essence it would be able to fly, using some of the advanced technology we have working with unmanned aerial vehicles, or micro air vehicles using some of Honeywell's latest devices for our troops in the modern battlespace.
Here is a concept; I propose a one man system, where the operator or pilot lays on top of something similar to a surfboard, but it is enclosed, the enclosure would be your basic Bernoulli wing design, or a blended wing type design.
Under the vehicle would be six "Honeywell T-hawk units.
" If you are unsure what those are please go to Google images and search, so you can see what I'm talking about.
The operator would lie down on the surfboard, and close the enclosure, turn on the motors and take off vertically.
The operator's hands would be forward, holding the handles which act like joysticks.
After the vertical takeoff he would move his hands as they faced forward, and push them out as if he was going to flap his wings.
This would extend the wings from a forward position until the wings popped into place perpendicular to the length of the surfboard.
A swing wing concept - hinged wings The Honeywell T-hawk units would have three on each side, parallel to each other.
Think of the SIX on a gambling dice, each unit facing towards the ground.
As the operator added power for forward flight, the front two units, and the back two units, wouldn't pivot to face forward causing the airflow to be shot aft, while the remaining center two units would go to full power temporarily to hold the lift as transitional flight was achieved.
Now then, imagine how much fun you could have in an ultra-small aircraft of this type, and imagine its value for so many applications including military.
An Army of these things in a swarm could take an entire regiment to vertical flight.
Imagine how fast they could move, on flying surfboards, converging on the enemy, imagine how maneuverable they'd be, how hard they would be to shoot down, and how much advantage that would give the US forces.
Indeed, I hope you've enjoyed today's concept of the day, and I hope you will dream of new innovations and inventions, after you think of this concept, and try to better my design for today - talk to you tomorrow.
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