Entrepreneurs - 11 Tips to Successfully Market Your Information Product

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When creating the marketing plan for your information product, you can use these 11 tips to juice up sales in no time: 1.
  If your product has` broad appeal, don't sell to everyone.
Instead, re-package your marketing to focus on very specific groups.
Remember, inch-wide, mile deep niches are the best.
  Use 'bonus overload" when packaging you product.
  Make the offer so good, it will seem as if the prospect will not have to pay for the original product due to the fact that the bonuses are worth so much.
  Market to one person at a time.
  Use the word "you" a lot, when writing sales copy to your client.
  Offer a no-hassle guarantee that includes something that your competition does not, such as a 200% guarantee, or try-before-you- buy purchase plans.
  Make sure that your info product cures a pain that your prospect has.
  If your product is only an item on your prospect's wish list, as does not solve an immediate pain (more money, status, weight loss, health, security etc.
) then you are highly less-likely to create a sale no matter how good your copy is.
  If you want to have your site exposed to the entire world in a matter of 10 minutes, use Google AdWords to begin your marketing campaign.
  You do not have to wait weeks to be picked up by the search engines, and there are tons of tools and stats up the wazoo.
  AdWords is amazing, and you can split test your ads, changing them as often as you like.
  You must have testimonials.
  You have to have testimonials from previous customers on your sales page in order to create a level of confidence in the person making a purchase so they don't feel like they are first.
  Customers have been screwed so many times that they do not trust anyone.
  People won't necessarily read your testimonials, but they will expect them in all of your material.
  You have to have an amazing, show-stopping, no-holds-barred Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which will eventually permeate all of your marketing material for a specific product, spinning off headlines, sales copy, mailings, business cards, uniforms, and anything else you can think of.
  The USP is the number one thing you need to create before starting any marketing endeavor, and 95% of small businesses have it wrong.
  The USP will make or break the success of your business.
Use bullets on your sales page that explain every benefit of your product.
  Every single benefit, from every angle is explained and turned into a bullet in the ad copy.
  That way a prospect can quickly scan down the page and have the sales letter answer every possible question he/she could have.
  Once you have your bullets done, then you can go into explaining the reason why you are selling your info product.
  Create a tollbooth, don't compete on price.
  You want to create a situation where your customer can only get the information product from you.
  If you get into a system where everyone is selling the same, crappy $24 e-book, and trying to undercut each other, you've missed the boat.
  You want to sell original content that no one else can get anywhere else, content so good, that you can raise the price and double your income without losing a customer.
  Never stop communicating with your clients.
  As you sell products, you will build a list.
  This list is golden.
  These are already paying customers, your best.
  If you keep your list happy, by not bothering them too frequently, but always letting them know you are still there, you can sell new products to your list over and over again.
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