Evolution of Interactive Whiteboards

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The simple metamorphic rocks or as commonly known as Slate bounded by the wooden framework are the traditional medium to teach in the classrooms.
Usually the black board is mounted on the wall or on a frame.
The concept of wall mounting remains same in the case of Interactive Whiteboards.
Instead of the white or coloured chalks the electronic stylus or marker pen is used on the whiteboard.
The touch technology is also associated with the soft boards, a type of the Whiteboard.
Slates were used in the classroom as paper was expensive in the initial days.
The chalkboard is mounted on the wall for the easy visibility of the entire class.
We cannot forget the health hazards linked wit the chalkboards.
Hence in the early 1990s the Whiteboards started replacing the blackboards.
In the western countries and even in the developing countries like South Africa is diverging to the use of Interactive Whiteboards.
The educational institutions and the corporate houses have taken refuge with the said technology.
The chalks as said earlier are outmoded now and the concept of stylus, pens have come in the use.
The IWB comprises of four pen tray and an eraser instead of the conventional duster.
Slots have been designed for the blue, black green and red pens.
The Whiteboards are of two kind Hard board and soft board.
The technology loops around laser touch sensitive, infrared and ultrasonic.
Another method deployed is known as the Electromagnetic method.
The Infrared technology requires a wired or battery operated stylus which send ultrasonic signs to the board.
The upper surface of the board locates the laser sources.
The touch sensitive boards can be used with fingers, pens, or markers.
These are utilized on the Soft boards.
The coil of the stylus interrelates with the electromagnetic wire at the back of whiteboard in the Electromagnetic method.
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