Benefits of No Win No Fee Compensation

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Longing for justice and recompense compels people to make a no win no fee compensation claim for the injuries they sustained from an accident caused by others. What is it about no win no fee compensation that drives people to pursue their claims for personal injury.

The Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) gives an opportunity for injured people to formally bring their complaint in court to obtain a reimbursement for the injuries they sustained from an accident. Under this agreement, the claimant will not have to pay the lawyer if the case is lost. On the other hand, if the case is won, the claimant will pay the lawyer the normal fee plus a success fee. CFA is beneficial to injured people who intend to bring a claim for personal injury especially if they do not have sufficient funds to support the litigation process.

Various types of accidents that are covered by CFA include car crash, accidents at work, accidents in public place, slip/trips/falls, whiplash and medical negligence. Injured people can bring a claim for injuries like back pain, fractures, skin diseases, prescription errors, head injury, occupational asthma, lung diseases, broken bones, burns, cancer and hearing problems.

Get the Right Compensation

No win no fee compensation [] is a form of reimbursement for all the pain and suffering endured by the victims of negligence. A claimant can be entitled for accident claim if proven that someone else is at fault. The award that can be granted depends on individual circumstance. It can be categorized into General damages and Special damages.

General damages are basically non-quantifiable which includes pain, suffering and loss of amenity, loss of employment opportunities, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of companionship, and loss of reputation. While Special damages are quantifiable which include medical expenses, prescription expenses, cost of medical treatment, hospital charges, cost of care, nursing expense, travel expenses including car hire, damage to vehicle, loss of income, future loss of earnings, additional utility cost and other out of pocket expenses. The court takes into consideration the individual circumstance in deciding the amount that can be granted to the person. Different aspects like the type of injury, severity of the pain, and recovery period are considered by the court.

This area of the law can be complicated and requires expert legal advice to achieve the main goal. It is recommended to seek legal assistance to know more about the details.
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