Car insurance claims need not be a nightmare

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While the recession takes its toll on all aspects of motoring in the UK and the cost of car insurance premiums continues to escalate, many drivers are choosing to take to the roads without sufficient cover - or any at all - in a bid to cut costs. But for the millions of law-abiding motorists who ensure that they never drive without the legal protection - and what some would consider moral obligation - of car insurance, any accident or incident that involves them and their vehicle will be dealt with without the risk of potentially funding a massive legal bill themselves or facing a criminal record.

In the UK, car insurance is something any responsible driver should never leave home without, yet many of those who have years of accident-free motoring under their belts wouldn't know where to begin if they ever needed to make a claim on their own insurance policy. That could just as easily apply to other categories of road users, particularly young drivers who are new to car ownership, and those whose super-self confidence has spawned an "it'll never happen to me" attitude.

Unfortunately accidents on the road are indiscriminate and can happen to anyone, so those who are responsible enough to be fore-armed with the right level of cover to suit their personal needs should be fore-warned about what to do should it be necessary to make a claim on their car insurance policy. Some situations demand the obvious, like calling the police or other emergency services in serious cases of personal injury or if there is a threat of imminent danger to other road users. If the other driver involved chooses to flee the scene of an accident, the police need to be informed, the numbers of any attending officers to be recorded for the insurance claim reference information.

Names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to an accident should also be recorded along with the car insurance details of the other driver's involved, but one of the most important pieces of advice to heed is that liability should never be admitted at the scene and offers of payment by any party never be made or accepted, even if you are up against an uninsured driver. That is what insurers are there for and they need to be informed as soon after an accident or incident as possible, either by telephone or online. And even though it may not always come to mind to take photos or make a mental note of weather conditions at the time of an accident, the more details you can provide your car insurance company with the easier the claims process will seem.
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