How Much is Too Much For Web Hosting? It"s JustGetting Your Site On-line!

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How much do you pay for web-hosting? Whatever the amount, do you think that it's too much? Web-hosting used to be such a chore as well as a mystery to so many of us.
But now with most people having access to a PC in the home, the world is becoming smaller and smaller.
Many of us want websites of our own for a multitude of reasons.
  • School Blog
  • Members Group / Meeting sites
  • Family web-sites
  • Starting a small business from home even
  • Just pin your reason here!
The point is we all need a cheaper option!  Not paying $1000's out-sourcing small tasks, but learning 'how-to' use the tools and developing knowledge and skills set to keep a web-site in prime position is just a remarkable added bonus.
Did you know you can get the whole...
? "3 websites, 300 sub-domains package", plus get all the training and resources that you need access to the absolute best tools online to become a enormously successful online business.
I know you did...
however, did you know you can get it all for as low as $29.
00 a month? More than just hosting costs but the payoff is a whole lot better.
So how much is too much for web hosting? When I was first starting out in business many many years ago, I got a piece of advice form a lady 'now regarded as one of the best hospitality directors in the world'...
She told me something that I try to put in the mix for all my decision making.
The way I remember it is this: If you ever pay for a service as a business owner, make sure that service pay's you back 10 X's what you put in...
"Thanks Titch I always remember the good stuff!"
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