How a Dorm Refrigerator Saves Space

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The smaller refrigerator is geared to save space but provide adequate enough storage for cold drinks and food.
Many students find that even though they eat in the college cafeteria that they are still hungry after hours.
College kids are still growing, under pressure to complete assignments, take tests and compete in sporting events.
These are all things that cause the appetite to spike especially after hours when the student is more settled into their surroundings.
When a student is at home they normally go down to their own kitchen raid the fridge and return to their bedroom working on whatever school assignment necessary.
Mom normally has a lot of goodies or left- over's that satisfies the pallet.
A college student finds that now they no longer have the luxury of moms home cooking or a refrigerator full of fruits and vegetables for their taking.
Instead most students find that unless they provide these things for themselves hunger strikes in the middle of the night with no resource to help.
That is why many parents try to find a refrigerator that will hold cold drinks, food and frozen items but does not take up too much space.
Remember the dorm does not hold much and often it is shared with one other person that is why it is essential that a student finds a refrigerator that is small enough to fit in without taking up too much space.
There are many options for the student when it comes to selecting a small refrigerator.
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