Marketing Tips and Strategies for working From Home

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So you are looking for a career change, thought about working from home, and stumbled upon affiliate marketing while you were checking out some websites.

Sounds great, easy, first of all you need the mind set that this is a job. You won't get any where if you don't put the time and effort into it, you need to think about whether this is this a hobby or a career move?

Treat your home business like a full time job and take it seriously, if you put the effort into it the rewards will follow.

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways you can make money online, but this is easier said then done, 97% of affiliates barely make any profit each month.

There are some rules that are best followed if you want to get anywhere with affiliate marketing.
As an Affiliate Marketer it is your job to effectively direct and generate traffic to a particular website. In most cases you are not the sales person, as the selling is usually done by the merchant.

You will find that the merchant has already spent a lot of time and money on their product and service, as well as marketing. Your main goal is to get the leads to click through to the merchants website.

There are 7 main factors when you should consider when you are choosing an affiliate program to promote. These are:

1. Demand- There must be a demand for the product you are driving traffic to.

2. Commission- The commission must be worth all the time and effort you have spent advertising and directing traffic to the merchants website.

3. Good Customer/Sales Support - You must be able to reach someone either by phone or email if you have any questions or issues with or about the product. If you don't know your product how are you going to guide others to buy it?

4. Great Sales Copy- The sales letter must be compelling enough to convince your traffic to buy the product. It's always a great idea to have live testimonials included as this personalises the product and will boost the conversion ratio. Think to yourself would I buy this product?

5. Money Back Guarantee- Is there a money back guarantee for the item or product that is being sold? If the merchant does not have this guarantee, its time to find a different product to promote and run, run, run.

6. Contact Details- The physical address and contact info should be listed on the site as well as email and telephone back up.

7. Statistics- The affiliate program must offer real time statistics so you will be able to keep check on how many visits you are turning into sale.s

After all this is said and done affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative and rewarding career.

So are you looking for a career change? Want to Work from home? Are you after an affiliate business opportunity?

Seriously look into it before you decide. Its hard work but its also very rewarding.

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