Scott Monge Gives Information About Workers Compensation

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In the past, workers who were injured during the carrying out of their duties were often left with little recourse to be compensated. To make matters worse, working conditions in many industries, such as manufacturing and construction, were typically unsafe, leading many workers to suffer severe injuries or even death. In such cases, a worker or a worker's family could try to ask for compensation from the employer responsible, but if that failed, it usually meant that the worker was left with expensive medical bills, long-term health issues and more. Thankfully, today, workers in the United States are protected by worker's compensation benefit programs.

What is Worker's Compensation?

Worker's compensation can be thought of as an insurance plan that allows injured employees to recoup medical costs and have lost wages recovered in the event of an injury that takes place on the clock. Upon accepting compensation from a worker's compensation program, the injured worker agrees to waive his or her rights to sue their employer. This can be beneficial in most cases, as the agreement allows an employee to be compensated, and the employer is able to avoid a legal battle; however, in some cases, such as those involving negligence, injured workers may be better off filing a lawsuit against their employers instead.

Why File a Lawsuit?

Filing a lawsuit against an employer may be a good route to take if an injured employee knows that the employer was negligent in its duties. For example, if a chef burns his hand on a hot stove at work, he may want to seek compensation for the injury through a worker's compensation program. If that chef burned his hand on a hot stove that was supposed to be off but had faulty wiring and was actually turned on, he might want to file a lawsuit. The reason for this is that the stove should be inspected by the employer on a routine basis, and if the chef can prove that the inspections had not taken place and that this was the actual cause of his injuries, he may be able to seek more compensation than he would have received through a worker's compensation program.

Other Legal Options

In other cases, a lawsuit may need to be filed against an employer for not offering adequate worker's compensation coverage. Additionally, a lawsuit may be required if an employee is being offered less benefits than they are allowed under the statutes governing their claims case. Regardless of the reason for needing to file a lawsuit, injured workers can always benefit from consulting with a personal injury lawyer, such as Scott Monge.

Scott Monge Gives Information about Workers Compensation

As a personal injury attorney, Scott Monge offers advice and representation to injured workers from virtually any industry. He can work with you to expose negligence on the part of your employer, or he can work with you to ensure that you are receiving the maximum amount of worker's compensation benefits possible. For more information, please visit to receive a free consultation from a legal expert.
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