Video: How to Deliver More DPS on Your Hunter in "WoW"

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Video Transcript

What's up, night owls? It's me, Ron Ogden. Today, how to deliver more DPS on your Hunter in WoW. Come with me as we get together and we. Sorry, that happens sometimes. I think it's because I eat too many biscuits. The hunter class is an all damage based class. There are three specializations to choose from including marksmanship, survival and beast mastery. Which spec contains the highest DPS depends highly on your play style. In general, to get the highest DPS value, we recommend the beast master specialization with the following talents: the level 15 disengage talent, level 30 control talent and the level 45 buff talent are really up to your play style, The level 60 focus talent should be dire beast. The level 75 damage talent should be links rush and finally your level 90 ability talent should be glave toss. Major and minor glyphs as with most classes are purely to help your play style and appearance. For the end game content, stat priority is as follows: agility, then 7.5 percent expertise. Next 7.5 percent hit, then haste, and finally keeping mastery in crit strike at the same levels. You can also increase your DPS by pairing your class with any max profession as each offers some DPS benefit. I eat because I'm unhappy. And I'm unhappy because I eat. I'm Ron Ogden. I'll see you next time.
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