Tiffany Lamp - Cleaning Your Work of Art

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Tiffany lamps have long been regarded as beautiful objects fit to grace any beautiful interior. The original Tiffany Studios lamps fetch huge values at auction or antique fairs and are collected world wide. other reasonably priced Tiffany style lamps are widely available today and in many cases offer a fantastic substitute to the originals and at a small percentage of the cost.


A huge number of variations of Tiffany type lamps are available to purchase these days. Organic designs featured strongly on the original Tiffany lamps and were a statement of their time. The fashion of the time was Art Nouveau and this featured organic shapes and colours reflecting nature. Reproductions of the original Tiffany lamps are common today. Styles of Tiffany lamp are offered today that encompass all types of design. Every variation of style is available from Cubist, Art Deco and even modernist examples. All in my view are object d'art and tell of the artisans who create such beautiful home dcor items.


Most new Tiffany style lamps are delivered with a coating of oil or wax to protect the lamp in transport. This needs to be removed to get the best from your lamp. Use a clean cloth to clean the entire lamp and polish the shade using a clean cloth. You will instantly see how much better the lamp looks.


Tiffany lamps are made using various pieces of glass soldered together. The various and many panels, indentations and raised nature of the solder acts as a trap for dust, grease and grime. Keep your lamp spotlessly clean to see it at its best. The colours are brighter and more vibrant and the whole lamp looks so much better. My top tip is to keep your Tiffany lamp clean by regularly dusting. Gently rub each panel of glass with a clean micro fibre cloth to bring to a polish. Wet the cloth with clean water if you encounter a stubborn patch of dirt. Use a small amount of household detergent if the water alone will not remove the grease. Dry the lamp thoroughly after cleaning and bring the whole shade to a polish. Vacuum any inaccessible areas of the base and shade to remove deep dust. The small brush attachments available with most domestic vacuum cleaners are ideal for this.

Finally, polish the lamp with a clean micro fibre cloth and don't forget the inside of the shade and the base. This way you can appreciate your lamp at its very finest with the colours and tones that make these lamps so exceptional.

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