How to Troubleshoot Why 1994 Explorer's Fuel Gauge Doesn't Work

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    • 1). Fill the Explorer's gas tank at your local gas station.

    • 2). Turn the vehicle off and remove the key.

    • 3). Remove the screws on each side of the Explorer's dash and lift the dash out of its place.

    • 4). Remove any screws retaining the instrument cluster into the dash.

    • 5). Slowly remove the instrument cluster. With the cluster completely removed, gently move the needle associated with the fuel gauge. If it is resistant at first, followed by free movement, the needle was simply stuck. Place the instrument cluster back into its place and start the vehicle to test the gauge again.

    • 6). Remove the cluster again if it does not update as it should. Replace the old cluster with a known operational cluster. Start the vehicle again to test the new gauge. If it fails to read as it should, the issue lies in the float/sender unit in the tank.

    • 7). Consult your local mechanic for repair costs.

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