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border-left-width Description:

The border-left-width property defines the width of the left border of the element.

border-left-width in CSS Versions:

border-left-width Syntax:

border-left-width: thin | medium | thick | <length> | inherit
  • thin, medium, or thick
    The length of these keywords is user-agent dependent, but thin <= medium <= thick.
  • length
    A specific length (include unit of measure).

  • inherit
    The element should have the same border-left-width setting as the parent.

border-left-width Initial Value:


border-left-width Applies To:

All elements.

border-left-width Inheritance:

This property is not inherited.

border-left-width Browser Support:

border-left-width Examples:

standard border-left-width

<p style="border-left-width : 2em;"> This paragraph has a 2 em left border. </p>
border-left-width Special Notes:
  • Negative values are permitted.
  • If you don't set the border-style, the border will not display.

More border-left-width Information:

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