Advance to Level 4 in Your CGA Designation With the Strategic Management - Accounting Program

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A city full of diversity, culture, and pride: Toronto. People come here for jobs, education, and a place to live. A lot of entrepreneurial activities arise here and with that comes a need of funding and financial assistance. Toronto is also known being the financial capital of Canada. Plenty of accounting, finance and other related occupations are found and increasingly becoming more available. With a growing demand and aging population, accounting professions are in-demand. Take a more intensive look in the field with strategic management in accounting.

Accounting has always held a high opinion in people's minds as a career to pursue. It is practical, well respected, and professional. Go deeper into the field and manage the strategic operations in accounting and take your career in broader spectrums and in higher places. The Strategic Management - Accounting (2844) program is a graduate certificate program aimed at accounting students wishing to complete further education with a high degree of significance, before entering the workplace. This will provide a strategic outlook on the accounting industry practices and will be beneficial over the competition in the job market. This two-semester program is offered at the School of Business at Centennial College.

According to Centennial's 2012 Graduate Employment Report, Strategic Management - Accounting graduates earned a reported average of nearly $40,000 annual income from their positions after college, with the highest earned salary at $73,000 per annum. This group of professionals in accounting do generally earn well, with an average of over $60,000 per year, as mentioned by Service Canada. Here are current career standings for graduates:

€ Accelerate to Advanced Studies - Level 4 in CGA designation from the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada.
€ Graduate with an Ontario College Graduate Certificate, matching the essential academia with university graduates and adding a sense of practical skills ready for the workplace.
€ According to, 2,000 new jobs will be created each year due to the job growth. Many Toronto-based businesses are expanding globally with the need to expand their accounting departments.
€ Obtain higher accounting positions with job titles such as Accounting Manager, Business Analyst, Financial Auditor, Corporate Controller - Accounting, Internal Auditor, and Industrial Accountant.
€ Find employment in a variety of industries including financial institutions, public administration and government offices, public accounting firms, corporate businesses, and small businesses. Some professionals are self-employed in their accounting and consulting businesses.

The Strategic Management - Accounting program provides students with university level learning and more with its cutting-edge courses accompanied by assignments, reflecting real-life scenarios. Centennial College offers advance strategic management programs in which this accounting postgraduate program excels in achieving the highest standards in the Accounting discipline at the institution. Graduates easily find employment and enjoy the benefits of high-paying salaries and career development.
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