Email marketing tips – improve your ROI generation

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This way, you would not only harm your domain reputation but also waste your resources for a worthless cause.With a few well crafted strategies you can enhance your return on investment and improve your revenue generation. Here are a few tips to help you develop your email marketing mix:
  • Optimize your mailing list – you might have a niche online business or an ecommerce site with several different products/ services. The same holds true for your mailing list. Although, your email list is a heterogeneous mixture, the subscribers will have different desires and expectations from your website. Identify those disparities and optimize your list accordingly.
  • Target only registered users – in a hurry to target the maximum number of email addresses, most marketers depend on purchased or harvested email addresses. This practice is extremely harmful for your domain and will also affect your future marketing mails. Hence for smooth inbox deliverability it is extremely important to target only your registered users, that is, the users who have willingly subscribed for your marketing and promotional emails.
  • Identify the active and the inactive users – after a few successful campaigns, you will come to know the bitter truth, that is, not all your users are interested in your campaigns. In fact, for most email marketers, the inactive base is around 50-70% of their entire database. Be it a small or a big enterprise, the scenario is the same. You need to separate them out and target them differently. While sending out regular mails to the inactive base is justified, sending frequent mails to inactive base will just drop your open and deliverability rates.
  • Create attractive campaigns – unlike other marketing channels, email marketing will ensure immediate reaction. So if you provide really attractive and persuasive campaigns, your subscriber will be tempted to grab the deal and take action instantly. So with striking offers and discounts, you can easily generate better revenue and conversion rates.
  • Don't overdo it – while it is recommended to send regular emails to your active base, ensure that you do not bombard your database with too many promotional emails. This will make your subscribers uninterested in your emails and will ultimately lead them to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Keep these tips in mind while you are looking for an email service providers. There are numerous email marketing companies in India, ensure that you choose the one that fulfills all your business needs.
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