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So far Google is doing everything to ride with competition. A lot of Adsense publishers asking if we can really make money with Adsense for Domains [], and until now, the Google support forum provides no clear answer about its vague policies.

Adsense for Domains policy is probably the strictest policy compared to other domain parking websites.

There is only one rule a publisher needs to follow when he decides to park his domain with Google, and that tight rule is, "Never advertise your domain online by any means". What does this mean? Google is telling us not to advertise by all means but it is placing ads on our domains. It says AFD is for publishers who want to park their unused domains - but for what?

This is the reason why Adsense for Domains is not the favorite talk of moneymaking forums and internet marketing discussion boards. The basic understanding of Google's policy is, its domain parking program is nothing but useless for publishers.

Let's get into business.
Google will not set-up this program for nothing. In every Google's puzzle, there is always formula on how to solve it. Though the way on how to earn from it's domain parking program is not explained well, if you try to take a plunge and park at least 5 keyword-targeted domains in high paying niche, you will get good result.

Out of ten domains that I parked since November 2009, only one is not earning because it is a non-keyword domain. Yes, nine out of ten domains did well and still doing well. Thus, based on that experiment, I discovered that Adsense for Domains is paying a handsome sum if you are doing it right.

Google says you cannot promote and that's a big NO to me. There are better options to promote your Adsense for Domains outside Google's radar. Niche sites are doing good but if you learn how to deal with Adsense for Domains, the reward is more than you could ever imagine. In niche sites you need content and promotion while in AFD you only need a little trick and intelligence.

Adsense for Domains is a better way to earn because it is not well used and not saturated yet. Not many people know how to earn with Adsense for Domains. You might be the first one to take this opportunity if you start parking your domains with Google's Adsense for Domains program now.
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