How to Build Your Own Wood Aquarium Stand

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    • 1). Determine how many 2-by-4 inch studs you need using the Lumber Calculation Spreadsheet (see Resources). Measure your aquarium length and width exactly using the measuring tape.

    • 2). Measure and mark the cuts on the 2-by-4 inch studs. The length should be 0.5 inches longer than your aquarium length, and the short pieces will be 2.5 inches shorter than your aquarium width. You will measure four long pieces and six short pieces to serve as the top and bottom of the aquarium base.

    • 3). Cut the 2-by-4 inch studs to match the length and the width of your aquarium using the table saw.

    • 4). Lay out one of the frames on a flat surface, such as a cement floor. The 2 by 4s should sit on the 1.5-inch side. The short sides will sit inside the long sides, one on each end and one in the center. Use 90-degree clamps to secure the four corners.

    • 5). Screw through the long pieces of wood into the ends of the short pieces using the drill, a Philips head drill bit and self-starting screws. Put two screws in per joint. Pencil an "I" on the top of the base. Repeat this step to make the second base.

    • 6). Measure and cut your vertical support beams using the tape measure and the table saw. You will have six supports the same size.

    • 7). Set both bases on their long edges vertically. The side that you marked "I" should be inside facing the opposite piece.

    • 8). Lay the three rear braces flat on the floor between the two base units. The outside braces should be flush with the outside of the bases, and the edges you cut should be against the wood of the brace.

    • 9). Drill two counter-sinking holes 0.5 inches into both bases aligned opposite the support braces. Now your screws can reach through the width of the 2-by-4 inch wood and secure the base to the braces. Screw the bases to the braces.

    • 10

      Flip the nearly assembled aquarium stand onto the back side and attach the last three braces in the same manner.

    • 11

      Sand the rough ends of the 2 by 4s using the sandpaper. Brush away all loose material.

    • 12

      Stain the aquarium stand to match your décor. Apply two to three coats, allowing the stain to dry and sanding lightly between applications.

    • 13

      Apply any decorative hardware desired.

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