A Great Pitch Page in Three Infallible Steps

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A pitch page is the sales page that "pitches" you the information you need to take the action of buying a product.
A terrific pitch page will always have the following three elements.
One, the information will have specific details that answer the question you came to the website asking.
Two, the information will sell you on the benefits to you.
Three, the information will tell you what to do once you're convinced of the benefits.
In other words, it's: here's what I've got, here's what it will do for you, and here's what I want you to do next.
Here's what I've got: The pitch page will certainly have text, graphics, maybe pictures and even video to lay out all the information.
The best pitch pages are interactive (push the play button) so you linger longer and convince yourself that you need the product the page is pitching.
A certain doctor's website is a terrific example of this; the headline is "Shocking Proof" (that it's not your fault you're fat) and while you are absorbing that surprise, the doctor appears onscreen with an audio message, hinting at what follows.
And what follows is certainly graphic! Pictures of your insides you wish you'd never seen! By the time you've read to the bottom of her pitch page, you've got all the specifics you need to answer the question you asked yourself when you clicked on the webpage.
You won't soon forget her website design.
Here's what it will do for you: The pitch page will also list the benefits of the product, selling you on the reasons you cannot leave the page without a purchase.
Larger text, colored text, highlighted text are all ways the benefits are spelled out so you won't miss them.
The webpage owner may try to identify with you ("I was in the hole so far I couldn't see daylight till I bought this program,") or offer to be your mentor or friend.
It may be the latest, greatest, newest, fastest, easiest way to...
whatever, and the benefits will keep coming until that "Buy Now" button.
Here's what I want you to do next: A good pitch page never leaves you wondering what your next move will be.
By the time you get to the "Buy Now" button every possible benefit has been outlined, every coming price increase foretold, every bonus thrown out like the lure to a fish, and your finger is itching to press the button and complete the sale that answers the need you have.
Will you? It depends on the pain you're in, and the sales job done to relieve that pain.
Examine several pitch pages to spot this simple, effective outline for making a sale, then put the elements together to create a pitch page that supercharges your own internet business.
Neglect a step and you'll make it more difficult to earn online that income you're craving.
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