Use Online Video Marketing To Dominate A Local Niche Market

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Online video marketing is quickly becoming a premium avenue in the quest to dominate Google in search engine marketing.
In using video, your company can experience a much larger audience as it has been proven that a majority of people on the internet prefer video to reading pages of text.
Video marketing is engaging and gives your company a visible presence which makes your potential clients feel connected from the beginning.
Ask yourself one question; when was the last time you read through an entire website about a company's biography and how they separate from the competition? Using a video, your client will actually listen and this will significantly increase conversion ratios and decrease the bounce rate of your website.
Have you noticed lately that Google is actually ranking videos in search results? Maybe you are unaware that Google recently acquired YouTube, making YouTube the 2nd largest search engine.
Video marketing is taking the internet by storm and will only continue to grow.
If you are serious about dominating Google for your niche, video marketing must be a part of the game plan.
Videos can tell your company story in under 3 minutes, greatly enhancing your chance of acquiring the visitor as a client.
The following are a few pointers in creating a video to maximize its full potential: Engage Your Client Your video must be engaging and keep the viewer on their toes.
The information presented should address the question "What's in it for me?".
Do not ramble on about how great your company is and your company history unless you have a truly fantastic story.
The viewer will click off and not engage in the video long enough to even toss out a phone number.
Make it fun and use question based selling.
Educate the client on something they didn't know or something useful that will benefit them and make them think of you as an expert in the field.
On top of that, they may just pass your video along to a friend or family member and that is where video marketing gets truly exciting...
the world of viral marketing.
Optimize the Video Now that you have created a truly engaging video, use the video to its full advantage and make sure it is fully optimized.
Be sure to include title tags and description tags with keywords that are relevant to the search inquiries that will give you the best chance to get ranked on the 1st page of Google.
How do you do this? Use a keyword density tool like Google AdWords Keyword Tool to do some homework and find out the words that have high search traffic and as low competition as possible.
Spread the Word! Ok, so you have a great video and it is fully optimized to converse with the search engine bots.
Now comes the fun part! Spread the word and get the video on as many video sites as possible.
Put the video on your website and start a YouTube channel.
Email a link to the video in all email correspondences and place the link on your print marketing.
The more people that view the video, the more likely it will be passed on.
The more one way links, the higher the video will rank in Google.
With a little bit of work and exploring other marketing avenues online, you can truly dominate a local niche market.
Be patient and your rewards will come!
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