4 Practical Creative Visualization Exercises That Work

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Creative visualization is the skill of creation, management and projection of images in the mind. The practice of creative visualization can improve mental and physical sight.

Since the act of visualization is a cognitive process, it is suited to helping people overcome their negative thinking, which is associated with exacerbating anxiety, depression, low motivation, low productivity, and creative blocks. The long history of esoteric and metaphysical tradition has shown that creative visualization is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and fundamental in the realization of desires.

Like any practice, or skill, the art of creative visualization can be better developed through regular, active exercise. The following exercises will help you fine-tune your creative skills of creative visualization.


Sit in a comfortable position, breathe deeply and relax in front of a lighted candle in a darkened room. For a couple of minutes direct your attention to the flame. Then close your eyes and hold the image in your mind's eye as long as you can. Regularly repeat this exercise to increase the time you can steadily hold a detailed image of the flame in your imagination.


Select any object familiar to you. It might be a chair, it might be an apple it might be a bottle of wine. Study its form, making sure the light in the room is bright enough to bring out full detail. Examine the object. Look at it for some time. Then, close your eyes and try to recreate its image in your mind. Try to reproduce this image as accurately as you can.

Once you are able to keep the image of the object long enough in m your mind's eye, start to manipulate it in your head. Turn it upside down and turn around. Change its shape and color. Convert the image into something quite different. Change it to another object you're familiar with. Practice with a variety of common objects.

Take the objects with which you have already practiced during your visualization. Choose one of them, and try to project it into your environment with open eyes. Alternate between open and closed eyes. For example, if you chose an image of an apple, can see it as if it actually lies on the bench top? Are you able to work with this picture? Can you turn the apple upside down or clearly visualize cutting it into pieces?


Sit down, breathe and relax. Listen to a simple sound, such as a clock or fan. Remove the source and try to hear the sound in your mind. Repeat with aromas and tactile experiences. This work will help you develop the ability to reproduce not only visual images but other sensory memories entirely in your head.


Select a photo. Look at the picture, trying to capture it in complete detail. Close your eyes and create a mental memory of the image. Now 'build yourself' into the photo. Visualize yourself in the photo, first-person. Pay attention to feelings. What would you see, hear, feel, taste and smell? Are you alone or with other people? Let the experience unfold as you study it.

Creative visualization is an age-old technique, which, like any skill can be developed and strengthened through regular practice.
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