Video: Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover Poor Maintenance?

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Bruce Boord from Boord Insurance. I want to talk to you about poor maintenance and sometimes what we call deferred maintenance. Homeowner's insurance covers catastrophic loss, it's not going to cover things that are typically a wear and tear item. Suppose you have a fence in the back that has never been replaced since the house was built in 1961. If that wooden fence has just been eaten by termites and things of that nature we don't really know if the reason it fell over is from a wind storm or from neglect so that typical thing will not be covered. However, if there was a huge windstorm and 30 percent of all the fences in the neighborhood blew down that weekend from a large storm then it might not matter if it was poor maintenance on the fence or not. Needless to say, if you want to make sure the coverage is there you have to maintain the property. Homeowner's insurance policy does not cover typically a 25 year old roof, typical insurance company is going to ask you to replace that roof if they're going to continue on the risk or even write the house in the first place. So poor maintenance is typically a reason for an insurance company not to write your house so they will underwrite these things and they do employ what we call inspection companies that go out to the scene and do a quick look around the house. They going to look into the electrical box and see if it's on fuses that would be considered poor maintenance. If it's on electric circuit breakers thats good maintenance. All the fuse boxes should have been termed out by now and replaced with circuit breakers, something newer, something that's not going to catch on fire. So you have to keep your house in good maintenance condition otherwise if there is a loss you're asking for trouble or for an uninsured claim. Bruce Boord from the Insurance Club of California, thank you.
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