Applied psychology degree with focus in Industrial Organizational Psychology

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Applied psychology degree with focus in Industrial Organizational Psychology

What is Industrial Organizational psychology you may be wondering? Also known as I/O, Industrial Organizational psychology is the study of workplace behavior. The field of I/O is diverse and offers many opportunities. Many I/O psychologists are consultants for corporate businesses. They go into a business and solve issues dealing with all types of dilemmas including worker productivity, human resources, conflict resolution and training / development. Many businesses hire I/O professionals to work on site as a salaried employee. An applied psychology graduate program is a solid choice for those seeking to advance their career in I/O.

The salary outlook for an I/O professional is slightly larger than many other psychology related careers. The starting salary for a graduate degree is around $42,000 while the median salary is $85,000. Some of the highest earners (top 3-6%) earn as high as $250,000 to the millions! Obviously, you shouldn't expect to become a millionaire over night. However with hard work and determination, what isn't possible?

A number of universities offer programs in industrial organizational psychology. A masters in applied psychology with a focus in I/O is a great choice. This program is also offered in a non-traditional online setting via universities such as Sacred Heart University. Many opportunities exist for professionals in the I/O field including and not limited to; human resources, consulting, private and government positions. The demand for I/O psychologist is growing! All companies have issues which an I/O psychology would be able to help rectify.

Getting a degree in Applied psychology, and working in the I/O industry is a great choice in the psychology field.
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