Decoding Male Psychology - How to Be Exactly What He Needs

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Can you interpret a piece of literary prose, understand exactly what a client or your boss needs from you, even before you are asked, but still can't figure out how to read the guy that you love? Would you believe it if you were told that there is a way for you to figure out what he is thinking, without having to ask him up front? Wouldn't it save you a lot of hassle and heartache if you could learn to stop misinterpreting his signals and know what he really needs? Men and women really are very different, especially when it comes to the world of love and romance.
Although they may not admit it, men aren't always willing to be upfront about the way that they feel.
Likewise, they may not always know how to make you understand what they really want.
It is up to you to learn some things about the male psyche first that will help you read his signals.
Many women do not realize that men love to keep a sense of mystery in their lives.
It is hard for you to believe that your straight forward guy is secretly wishing for a hint of the mysterious, right? Well, men really are natural hunters.
They grow excited from the thrill of the chase, which keeps them wanting more.
When they are with a woman who picks up the phone after one ring each time they call, and who always gives monotonous and characterless answers to questions, they will soon begin to grow bored.
Now, modern men often claim to be attracted to women who are self-governing, independent, and strong.
In many ways, this is spot on.
Modern men are looking for more in mates than the previous generations were taught to search for.
These days, men want women who are successful, intelligent, and attractive.
Some women take this to mean that men want them to control everything, but this is not true.
What he really wants is for you to let him take the wheel sometimes.
Men like to feel that they are in control of where the relationship is going.
They hate being pushed into doing and saying things that they are not quite ready to do and say.
Also, you have to be sure that the relationship stays balanced.
One reason that men are intimidated by strong women is that they are scared of being emasculated.
You can go a long way with gaining your guy's trust and learning how to read his messages by opening your mind and being understanding.
You'll learn how they react to being ignored and to getting attention, and why in some instances they like to be in control.
If you are ready to do this, you'll learn how to decode his signals and figure out what he wants all of the time.
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