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    • IQ games help the overall function of select parts of the brain image by John Sfondilias from

      In today's world there are thousands of games for the computer, video game consoles and even mobile phones. Now, instead of just the old-fashioned action shooting games or redundant racing games, there are genres ranging from simulation to IQ brain games, suitable for just about anyone. IQ games help with brain functions such as memory and even mathematics, making everyday tasks easier to accomplish. There are hundreds of IQ games in stores and on the web, and each one offers different challenges, benefits and rewards.

    Sudoku Puzzles

    • Sudoku puzzles help the brain process numbers quickly.Sudoku image by Claude Wangen from

      In Japanese, "Su" means "number" and "Doku" refers to the space on the Sudoku board each number fits into. Players start off with a puzzle board of nine by nine squares. Select squares on the board are complete with numbers 1 through 9, the rest are left blank. The object of the game is to fill each line horizontally and vertically with the numbers 1 through 9, never repeating a digit in a single line. This process helps exercise your brain, and working with numbers becomes a breeze. To train your brain even further with Sudoku, try timing yourself to a minute per puzzle, recording how many you can solve in 60 seconds or less. Sudoku puzzles are available free online or in Sudoku puzzle books in stores.

    Brain Age

    • If you own a Nintendo DS, Brain Age is ideal as a portable IQ game. Ryuta Kawashima is the famous neuroscientist behind the inspiration of Brain Age. It is a program within a game that trains the user's brain to process subjects such as math, memory and even grammar. The game itself offers a talking mentor that guides you through each of the challenges, making getting accustomed to the game simple and quick. The game tracks progress and IQ growth over each day, making it an effective tool for understanding your own personal scores and development. The challenges increase in difficulty as time progresses and as you reach the ideal brain age, which is 20 in the game.

    Big Brain Academy

    • Along with the Nintendo DS, Big Brain Academy is also available on the Nintendo Wii. Big Brain Academy also tests and tracks your IQ with memory and math challenges, increasing in difficulty as the game continues. To track your progress, you are given "brain weight." As you progress, your "brain weight" increases. A fun addition to Big Brain Academy is the multi-player option. Up to eight friends can connect with their Nintendo DS systems to play the game; however, this feature is not available on the Wii version.

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