Are the St Louis Cardinals the Best in the NL?

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The Dodgers have a better record and the Phillies are defending World Series champs, but you have to wonder if the St.
Louis Cardinals might be the best baseball team in the National League.
The potent blend of hitting and pitching is downright dangerous when you break down this team.
As they say, the key to winning a playoff series is having two great starters.
In doing so, you can guarantee four competitive games of baseball should they pitch effectively.
With a leading candidate for the 2009 Cy Young award in Chris Carpenter and another top major league pitcher in Adam Wainwright, the St.
Louis Cardinals most definitely have those two pitchers.
Each pitcher has an ERA well within the 2 range, and each has been a top five National League pitcher through the course of the season.
On top of this, the St.
Louis Cardinals pitching staff has a great deal of support from guys like Joel Pineiro, Kyle Lohse, and now even John Smoltz, who has seen a revival after coming to the Cards from Boston.
The bullpen is very reliable as well, with Ryan Franklin providing a rock solid presence as the team's closer.
His 2.
02 ERA just about ensures that the team will protect a lead.
Then, there's the obvious factor.
The best hitter in baseball and possibly the best hitter of our generation.
Albert Pujols.
His 47 home runs are the best in baseball, his 128 RBIs tied for the best in baseball, and his .
329 batting average is second best in the National League.
A near triple crown.
The Philadelphia Phillies have good reason to worry.
This Cardinals team is the real deal.
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