How to Break a Bad Habit Quickly

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Knowing how to break a bad habit quickly is as easy as ending bad habits as soon as they start since all of the power is in your hands.
Nonetheless, there are strategies available to make the process easier.
1) Punish yourself each time you allow yourself to complete the problem habit.
If you find yourself being too lazy, then your punishment will be cutting out your favorite food until you start exercising again.
2) Decide independently and with confidence that this irritating habit is over.
Doctors believe that repeating a message out-loud to oneself is an effective strategy for erasing nasty habits over the short- and long-term.
If you do not clean your house enough then tell yourself repeatedly that "I like cleaning my house.
" Before you know it, you will clean the house! 3) Believe that you are in control of the habit instead of the other way around.
Recognize that once you recognize a habit as bad, you have already completed 99 percent of the work and the rest all depends on your confidence level.
You must believe that you can do this.
4) Replace bad or annoying habits with good habits.
If you sleep too much, then start packing your schedule with activities that a) are good for you and b) will require that you sleep less.
This will help substantially.
5) Constantly review your habits to ensure that you do not pick up bad habits to begin with.
Preventing the habit from ever developing is the best defense from having having to break a bad habit.
Remember that bad habits develop, because they are habits that fit well into one's life.
6) Reward yourself when you feel you are making progress.
For example, if you do not pay bills on time, then reward yourself with something the next time you do pay bills on time.
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