How to Reuse a Freshwater Fish Filter

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    • 1). Turn off the aquarium filter and unplug the power supply from the wall power point.

    • 2). Remove the filter from the aquarium and place it directly into a clean 5-gallon bucket.

    • 3). Take out the dirty filter wool and the exhausted charcoal in its nylon stocking and discard.

    • 4). Run hot water into the 5-gallon bucket, to the half way mark. Allow the filter to soak in this water for 15 minutes. Use a tooth brush to clean off any algae that is growing on the body of the filter. Clean the inside the filter with the toothbrush to remove any encrusted detritus. Place the filter under a running tap to wash away the loose detritus that has accumulated in the internal compartment.

    • 5). Place the fresh charcoal in a nylon stocking and rinse this thoroughly under a running tap. Continue to run water over the charcoal until all the dust has been washed away and the water runs clear after passing through the charcoal.

    • 6). Secure the top of the nylon stocking with a plastic cable tie.

    • 7). Place the nylon stocking into the filter compartment.

    • 8). Place the filter wool into the filter, between the charcoal stocking and the inflow of dirty aquarium water. This is done to mechanically trap dead and decaying aquatic plant material and other large pieces of detritus to prevent them from clogging the charcoal and reducing its life expectancy.

    • 9). Place the filter back in the aquarium. Secure it against the inside aquarium glass pane, with its associated stickers.

    • 10

      Plug the filter into a wall power supply and turn it on.

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