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Article submission software plays a very crucial role in the marketing efforts of affiliates. Much of the affiliate marketers energies and time are spent on traffic generation to their websites. From using PPC to SEO and article submission, this is a wide array of traffic driving techniques. Talking about article submission, this is one method that has not lost its effectiveness over time. If we attempt article submission without article submission software, we are headed for some serious menial tasks and endless hours of data entry.

Article submission software is a clever tool made by software developers for online authors. Article marketing was the main reason why we have the tool. For more details Everyone knows that depending on PPC traffic is way too costly as profitable and cheap keywords become fewer. It is quite unlikely that people would trust their entire marketing efforts on pay-per-click alone. Article submission on the other hand drives you targeted search engine traffic for FREE. Search engines are constantly searching and ranking good unique articles on top of the search engine results.

Affiliate marketers then resorted to using article submission to expose their content to web readers. Search engines love article directories because of the fresh and unique content they churn out everyday. Marketers understood this and race against time to produce great content for readers. A classic problem then arose. It was definitely a very time consuming exercise to submit articles to the article directories. They then look for a solution in the form of article submission services and article submission software.

There are many pluses in using article submission software and article submission services for article marketing. By submitting your articles to many article directories, people looking for fresh content to use on their websites such as webmasters and bloggers would actually place your article on their websites. This offers a lot of potential for traffic especially when the top authority websites decide to use your article. You would be surprised how much free targeted traffic you are getting everyday from your article submission.

For every article directory you submit to using article submission software, you are actually building a link for your website. When you wrote your article, you left a link with a keyword rich anchor text. Article directories particularly the most established ones can have Page Rank 6 or higher. For more details In short, article submission software also builds your link popularity fast and the best part is, it is totally free. Imagine how much it would cost you to get the same number of quality links at the link brokers?

But there are so many article submission software and services around that it becomes really difficult to decide which one to choose from. Submission software and services all serve the same function of submitting articles. Article submission service is pricier. Submission services are credit or fee-based. The article submission software sold online are all one-time purchases.

It is not surprising that many online authors like to use article submission software since it is more cost-effective. Article submission software does a wonderful job in making the article submission a painless process but as an online author, you cannot run away from writing informational and useful articles. Maybe there will be an intuitive tool in the future that can offer the benefits of article submission software and a real human author.

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