Female Orgasms - Basic Ingredients and Rules of Engagement to Give your Woman Orgasms

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For many years, the female orgasm has been an enigma and a mystery.
Many people including the medical fraternity believed that women did not experience orgasms.
This belief continued until quite recently.
Amazingly, there is still a mystery that surrounds the female orgasm.
Here are a few basic steps to help you on your way to giving your woman orgasms; Basic Ingredients for a female orgasm In order for your partner to reach orgasms, she needs the following ingredients: Physical and mental seduction - to create anticipation.
A romantic and sensual atmosphere - to arouse her.
Comfortable surroundings - to put her at ease.
Lots of Kissing and foreplay - to excite her.
A partner who knows how to stimulate the clitoris - to close the deal.
Rules of Engagement Here are some rules to ensure that your partner reaches orgasms regularly: Do not rush it - you are not in a race.
Do not be demanding - This should be fun, not hard labor.
Make sure that you are focused only on her and that she knows it.
Make sure that there is enough kissing.
Do not rush directly towards the clitoris - take your time with this step.
Make sure that there is enough moisture.
Sexual Enhancement Products If both you and your partner want to enhance the sensations of sexual enjoyment and orgasms, sex products are the way to go.
These can be incredibly fun and exciting to try out.
However, always make sure that your partner is comfortable with any new idea that you bring into the bedroom.
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